About Us

Who is Distant Curve?

Distant curve is an incorporated Australian telecommunications provider that specialises in bringing innovative telecommunications services to the remote and regional areas of our world – those places in which mainstream providers either don’t have the capability or the desire to service.

Our niche focus is heavy industry – Mining, Agriculture and Oil and Gas, although we also service government and non-profits.

As systems integrators, we derive roughly 60% of our revenue through the provision of consultancy services (planning / project management / procurement) and the remainder through the delivery of greenfields and turnkey bolt-on communications solutions to industry.

Our staff have extensive experience within the industries we serve.

We’re familiar with the high standards of safety and reliability required within the industry, and we come equipped with comprehensive suite of standard operating procedures and a ‘make it happen’ ethic.

Our Mission Statement

As a Business we at Distant Curve are committed to providing a level of service so customer oriented that we will be the preferred provider within our industry.

As Engineers we've seen that astounding things happen when people are given new insights and opportunities - we aim to leave a positive legacy of enhanced knowledge, skills and confidence at each and every jobsite upon which we work.

As People we at Distant Curve achieve satisfaction by helping folks achieve great things - we achieve that target through an unrelenting focus on honest communication and hard work.

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Distant Curve can be easily contacted via phone, or the email link below.

+61 404 087 477


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