Distant Curve is a Remote Area Telecommunications Provider, helping you improve the efficiency of your operations. More...

Arc Splicing

Optical Fiber Solutions

Optical Fiber is a reliable and cost effective method to provision high speed connectivity within a remote area industrial setting.

Distant Curve can provide design and installation as well as splicing, termination and emergency repair services.



Consultancy Services

Whether you're a mature brownfields operator in need of rationalisation, or a project in the design phase - we're able to help.

Distant Curve's team of experienced professionals can help you streamline and rationalise your operations.



Network Integration

Distant Curve can provide a solution that neatly integrates with your existing or planned network infrastructure.

As a licenced telecommunication carrier, we use the latest technology to ensure the security of your vital business information.



Mobile Phone and GSM

Mobile connectivity is a hot issue on remote jobsites. If you're not covered by a major carrier such as Telstra or Optus, give us a call. 

We have the capacity to design and construct a 'private' mobile phone (GSM) network to suit your remote area needs - worldwide.



Remote Area Power Systems

Distant Curve combines our unique control systems with Solar / Wind and traditional generators to produce highly redundant power systems for remote areas.

Like a quote? Click below to learn more and get in touch. 



Structured Cabling

Need to outfit your remote area office with Cat 5 or Cat 6 Cabling? In a hurry?

Not a problem - as a registered telco, we have the licensed staff and experience to get you up and running with no fuss and full certification upon completion.



Microwave Backhaul

Data connectivity is a modern neccesity - efficient business workflow and 'keeping in touch' are paramount to maintaining a productive workforce.

Distant Curve can address this need at a fraction of the cost of Satellite services - a 100% return on investment within 5 months is typical.



Satellite Data Communications

Need data in a hurry? In a remote area? Our Satellite deployment options may be the answer.

Distant Curve is able to provide extremely cost effective Ku and C band Satellite deployments, with performance that scales with your business.


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  • "Meet the Team" Tab

    mjOpt2SmallMatt is the founder of Distant Curve, and has a unique CV encompassing scientific and engineering work throughout the world - with a focus on third world countries and the pacific rim.

    Matt started his career as a research Engineer in the Sugarcane fields of North Queensland and PNG, where he led a project 'extending' exciting industry research to folks in the field.

    He then found himself engaged in a management capacity in the 'mega project' world in Mining and Minerals and Oil and Gas Projects in Australia and the Pacific Rim.

    This work directly led him to formal studies in the emerging realm of remote area communications engineering, leading to him seeing a need for innovation in Remote Area Communications, and the formation of the Registerd Australian Telecommunications Carrier, Jaisaben Enterprises (t/a Distant Curve).
    Distant Curve, since its incorporation in 2010, has provided innovative, redundant and extremely reliable Telecommunciations to Remote Areas in Australia - we have well publicised projects that service Indigenous Communities, Government and Non Government entities within those communties, and also a suite of non-publicised projects providing services to corporate entities in the surrounding areas, which often cross subsidise Distant Curve's not for profit work.

    It's a model that works extremely well and Matt considers himself exraordinarily lucky to be working in a realm that combines his passion for innovation and 'the bush' with really tangible outcomes for Remote Australia.

Our Mission Statement

As a Business we at Distant Curve are committed to providing a level of service so customer oriented that we will be the preferred provider within our industry.

As Engineers we've seen that astounding things happen when people are given new insights and opportunities - we aim to leave a positive legacy of enhanced knowledge, skills and confidence at each and every jobsite upon which we work.

As People we at Distant Curve achieve satisfaction by helping folks achieve great things - we achieve that target through an unrelenting focus on honest communication and hard work.

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