Rapid Deployment Services

Rapid Network Deployment Services

We're here to help you - even when no-one else can

We've seen first-hand that manpower mobilisation often occurs before telecommunications are in place.

The realisation that network services either have a very long lead-time or seem to be completely unavailable often comes too late.

Some examples we've seen (including multibillion dollar projects) and resolved:-

  1. 300 Man Camp - Connexe's built, men arrived, no data or phones.
  2. 20 Man Capital City Office - lease signed, staff moved, no data or phones.
  3. 250 White Collar Workers - mobilised to a jobsite 50kms from a major metropolitan area - only 2 MBps of data (less than a home internet connection) and a 6 month leadtime.

The cost to an enterprise of having folks essentially cut-off from business critical systems can be immeasurable - and not quite as simple as just lost productivity.

Delayed milestones, lost company reputation and customer satisfaction are just a few factors that lead to sleepless nights when these things happen - and they do - all too regularly.

Distant Curve has formed a strategic alliance with a Satellite data provider, allowing us to provide scaleable satellite phone and data deployments with as little as 2 weeks notice and no fixed contract - giving you 'time up your sleeve', and enabling us to work with you to comission a more permanent and cost-effective microwave or fixed optical fiber solution moving forward.

We're here to help - contact us, let us know your requirements and we'll work with you to make it happen - anywhere, worldwide.


Our Mission Statement

As a Business we at Distant Curve are committed to providing a level of service so customer oriented that we will be the preferred provider within our industry.

As Engineers we've seen that astounding things happen when people are given new insights and opportunities - we aim to leave a positive legacy of enhanced knowledge, skills and confidence at each and every jobsite upon which we work.

As People we at Distant Curve achieve satisfaction by helping folks achieve great things - we achieve that target through an unrelenting focus on honest communication and hard work.

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