Microwave Communications

Microwave Communications

Distant Curve is proud of our industry leading intelligent microwave solutions - which take the concepts of industrial telemetry design and implement them at the commodity level. We summarise below some of the key design features that we believe make us great at what we do.


Our Microwave Solutions are Redundant

Every element of Distant Curve's designs incorporate the concept of 'redundancy', or N+1, meaning we design our systems to mitigate or completely eliminate single points of failure (SPOF). Our approach to microwave data systems is no exception. 

A major differentiator from our competitors is that we offer 'N+1' as standard in our microwave data communications installs. The net effect is that we eliminate the microwave link itself as a SPOF - each licensed or unlicensed primary link is coupled to a second microwave link that will 'failover' automatically (usually within 200ms) and become the primary link in the event that a fault, interference or catastrophic failure of the primary link occurs. 


Our Microwave Data Solutions are Inherently Secure

Our staff have a strong background working within large enterprise, and are acutely aware that information security is the primary concern when engaging outside experts to design and implement data communications services. Customers spend a great deal of effort securing their networks against outside attack, and need to be certain that our systems don't open any 'backdoor' to their network. For this reason many large companies require complete physical separation from other networks.

This creates challenges - how do we, as systems integrators, monitor the performance of our section of your network, and fulfill our Service Level Agreement (SLA) whilst retaining true physical seperation?

One approach used by other companies is to use a seperate management VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) within a customer's network to allow management of the link. VLAN's are relatively secure, but can be penetrated, and the use of VLAN's in the way does potentially open a backdoor if the attacker is sophisticated. Most importantly, the network of the third-party provider becomes a a potential weak link in your network - meaning your corporate security is only as good as their security.

Distant Curve has developed a novel (albeit optional) approach completely eliminates the prospect of data leakage via our monitoring network. We've created a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition system) that resides physically outside your network, whilst allowing us to monitor and control every element of the link. It's a very 'neat' solution, but one that will convince even the most hardened Information Security Manager that our systems offer zero risk of penetration.


Our Microwave Data Systems Let You Know if there is a Problem

Another benefit of our redundant, intelligent systems is that we advise your key-personnel, via email, if a fault occurs. Given that our networks incorporate multiple levels of redundancy, the email will usually be just a courtesy note to advise that a fault has occured and been corrected - nonetheless we believe that offering our customers greater transparency into our component of the network engenders confidence in us - so we offer this service as standard.


Our Microwave Solutions are Cost Effective

Intelligent Design, Redundancy and Monitoring all come as a standard feature of our designs, but without the high price tag you've come to expect. You'll be pleasantly suprised at just how competitive our prices are - we'll work with you to work within your budget.


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