Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Distant Curve has a strong management team with a proven track record of successful innovation in harsh environments.

We have developed people, championed new ideas and technology, and built strong and enduring business relationships throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Distant Curve is not just an IT Company or Telco. We have built a history of achievement and successful execution across the spectrum of major services functions typical in most project environments, and we can effectively scale to assist in this way in almost any project environment.

Although consultancy is not our primary prerogative, it is our prerogative to consult, because our business model is about empowering projects to extract better value from their existing infrastructure and people - creating services, functions and workforces that once set up right, no longer require our input. 

Our Experience

Our management team have participated directly in a series of complex world class green and brownfields projects, including:- 

  • The BHP Guinea Alumina Project - FEED ($5.2 Billion).
  • The BHP Worsley Alumina Efficiency and Growth Project, Collie, Western Australia  ($3 Billion).
  • The Exxon Mobil PNG LNG Project, Port Moresby and Hides, Papua New Guinea ($20 Billion).
  • The Chevron Gorgon LNG Project - Dampier, Western Australia ($52 Billion).


 Examples of our Consultancy Services

In addition to providing expert IT and Communications advice during the lifecycle of projects – through planning, execution and completion, we have strong, practical expertise across the entire ‘services’ realm of large projects, including Human Resources, Office Services, Procurement and Camp Construction and Management. 

Below are just a few examples of consultancy services we can provide:- 

  1. The provision, installation and management of extremely cost-effective data and telephone services, either back to the nearest major telco point of presence or your own offices.
  2. Site surveys – ‘pioneer’ services. We’ll visit your site or camp and let you know what your communications options are, and the likely costs.
  3. Technical bid evaluations – we’ll provide you with an independent eye to assess competing proposals. Distant Curve is not wedded to any particular vendor or solution and we’re able to assist you weigh up the positives and negatives of each proposal.
  4. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Design.



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Our Mission Statement

As a Business we at Distant Curve are committed to providing a level of service so customer oriented that we will be the preferred provider within our industry.

As Engineers we've seen that astounding things happen when people are given new insights and opportunities - we aim to leave a positive legacy of enhanced knowledge, skills and confidence at each and every jobsite upon which we work.

As People we at Distant Curve achieve satisfaction by helping folks achieve great things - we achieve that target through an unrelenting focus on honest communication and hard work.

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