480 Watt Power Supply
Rockwell or Allen Bradley 480 Watt Power Supply
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Manufacturer: Allen Bradley
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  • Great design, extremely attractive price point.
  • Brand New in factory box, unused with calibration certificate.
  • 6 Month Warranty.
  • Low Cost, speedy Postage - typically 5 to 10 days.
  • Only $US480, RRP $US830 (we're from Australia so we've converted this to Aussie Dollars, above).
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Due to the completion of a major infrastructure project in Brisbane, we have a quantity of Brand New, Factory Sealed and Certified Allen-Bradley 1606-XLS480E 24V 480 Watt Power supplies available for purchase.

Their usual price is $USD800 each, We'd rather see them being used, so we're asking only $480. If you'd like to make a reasonable offer or would prefer to learn about our second hand stock, contact us

What is a 1606-XLS480E Power Supply?

The AB 1606-XLS480E is a single phase input (AC or DC) to DC power supply. These units can accept a diverse range of input voltages - 100-240V AC or 100 to 300V DC, and have an adjustable output voltage of 24-28V DC.

These Rockwell power supplies incorporate active power factor correction, and are capable of sustaining transient loads of up to 720W - almost double their rated continuous load of 480 Watts - this makes them inherently suitable for starting motors, charging capacitors and absorbing reverse energy.

They incorporate a green DC ok LED, a Red Overload LED and a DC-OK relay. These features make diagnosing problems a trivial exercise.

As with most Rockwell / Allan Bradley equipment these are awesomely engineered - they are extremely energy efficient - rated at 93.9% efficient at 230V AC. Such high energy efficiency is reflected in a low heat output. This energy efficiency, along with their operating temperature range of -25 Celcius right up to 70 degrees Celcius make these units supremely suited for passively cooled industrial environments - mining and remote area applications are innumerable.


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