Fiber Services

Distant Curve is equipped and licensed to provide short (1-10 km) and long-haul (10-1000km+) direct bury and in-conduit installation of Fiber Fiber Splice optOptic cable within and between your projects.

Planning and Regulatory Approval

We are able to arrange the planning and regulatory approvals needed to establish the network.

Installation and Commissioning

We are equipped to install optical fiber cable in a remote environment. We provide the quality termination and detailed testing and handover documentation required to ensure the continued high performance and availability of your network.

Where earthworks are required, Distant Curve can either provide the service directly or work with your own civil engineering team to ensure the earthworks are appropriate for your needs.

Optical Fiber Emergency Repair, Troubleshooting and Splicing

electrode 400Distant Curve is able to quickly deploy to remote area sites to repair damaged fiber optic cable. We maintain a large variety of enclosures (FOBOTS), replacement fiber and consumables in stock and can typically mobilise with very limited notice. 

We have the advanced tools (such as an OTDR and VFL) required to quickly locate and remedy fiber defects.